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Win the first Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina spinoff novel!

Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has put a deliciously dark, tongue-in-cheek spin on classic Archie Comics title Sabrina the Teenage Witch, one light years away from the ’90 sitcom version. Now there’s a new spinoff novel. Sarah Rees Brennan (author of series including the Demon’s Lexicon trilogy) is behind Season of the Witch, a prequel tale set in the…

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What’s the best profession in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

Probably the only big decision you have to make as a would-be wand waver is which profession to chose in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Auror, Professor or Magizoologist. Each class has different strengths, weaknesses and skills but which is the best and who should you pick. Let us explain.  First up, don’t sweat to much about making a choice….

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