Expect more WildStorm returns at DC next year

WildStorm alum Grifter will return to comics with October’s Batman #101, and that’s not the only piece of that mothballed brand that’ll be back in the coming months.

Expect more WildStorm returns at DC next year

Batman #101 variant cover (Image credit: DC)

“In 2021 you’re going to see more WildStorm integration, but in a thoughtful, deliberate, creative way when it makes sense,” Lee said in a Q&A session aired as part of the second DC FanDome on September 12. “You want to make sure all the characters in our universe exist for a reason and occupy a certain part of the spectrum in our mythology so you don’t have characters with duplicate powers, duplicate origins, or duplicate missions.”

Grifter will be re-introduced in October’s Batman #101 as a new hire for Lucius Fox, who was recently revealed to be CEO of Wayne Enterprises. This would be Grifter’s first major DCU appearance since the end of The New 52: Futures End in 2016.

“With that kind of thoughtfulness and creativity, we’d love to see more of the WildStorm universe of characters, when it makes sense. And that’s the current approach.”

Expect more WildStorm returns at DC next year

Batman #101 variant (Image credit: DC)

Lee didn’t go into detail about what to expect in 2021, but we’ve already confirmed DC plans to re-release Gen13: Starting Over – a long out-of-print collection of the first two years of that teen team created by Lee, Brandon Choi, and J. Scott Campbell.

Several years ago there were plans to continue Warren Ellis’ Wild Storm revamp with additional limited series including a Wildcats title, but nothing new has been announced on that front since mid-2019.

Grifter and Gen13 are some of many great creations in the 18-year run of the WildStorm universe. Check out our list of the best WildStorm characters of all time.

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