Final Fantasy 16 officially announced for PS5 and PC

Final Fantasy 16 has officially been announced during Sony’s PS5 showcase, revealing it will be PlayStation console exclusive that’s also set to come to PC. 

Debuting a shiny new reveal trailer, we get to see some of the new protagonists of Final Fantasy 16 take on foes large and small.  We don’t yet know too much about how the adventure will shape up,  but interestingly the trailer makes mention that “the legacy of the Crystals has shaped our world.” Ooh. Check it out below. 

The next entry in the Final Fantasy series has been rumored for quite some time, with hints that it would even be announced during the show, and now we know it’s officially on the way. The trailer confirms it will be a console exclusive, but doesn’t specify it that’s solely for the PS5, so it could potentially come to PS4, too. Final Fantasy 16 is also set to come to PC, but no release was revealed as of yet. 

Lots of theories have been circulating that the mysterious action game from Square Enix with the working title Project Athia was actually a Final Fantasy game, but we still don’t know if this is the case. It’s looking like it could in fact be a separate game entirely, but it’s certainly an interesting thought. Kicking off the showcase with a new Final Fantasy installment was a great way to start of the show for Sony’s next-gen console. 

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