Resident Evil 8 gets a creepy new story trailer at PS5 showcase

A new story trailer for Resident Evil 8 was released at today’s big PS5 showcase, and it might be the creepiest one yet. 

The trailer opens with a brief appearance from Chris Redfield, and while it’s light on gameplay, it’s big on atmosphere. The creepy vibes are carried by an unnerving story about a girl and her mother. “Long ago, a young girl went with her mother to pick berries for her father who was hard at work,” an unknown woman says. “But the forest greeted them with a dark, cold silence, the bushes empty. Determined to find the berries, the rascal broke free of mother’s grasp and vanished into the trees. Mother’s worried cries faded fast as the girl ran on, over vine, under branch, and into the forest deep.”

Based on the accompanying cinematics, “the forest deep” contains much more than berries. Hulking, monstrous and almost bestial zombies. A witch cloaked in skulls. A cult trying to summon or contact lord knows what. Oh, and let’s not forget the giant spooky castle. Last but not least, we get a cheeky line from a portly merchant: “If it’s just looking, window shop away.” 

Many of the characters and environments featured in this trailer line up with leaks said to be from previous play tests, and they give us a much better idea of the setting of Resident Evil 8. Much remains unclear, most notably the specifics of its still-vague 2021 release date, but we’re getting closer by the trailer. 

Today’s PS5 show also gave us a full-fat reveal for Final Fantasy 16. 

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Resident Evil 8 gets a creepy new story trailer at PS5 showcase

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