Forget Far Cry 5’s dog, there’s a pet bear and he is just the BEST thing

You’ve all seen Boomer the dog in Far Cry 5, right? Good. Forget about him because it is all about Cheeseburger the bear. You can find more about Far Cry 5’s gameplay overall here, but this just the bear, the whole bear and nothing but the bear. 

You can unlock Cheeseburger almost at the start of the game. Once you’ve cleared the opening there’s a map marker to liberate a FANG centre from the Eden’s Gate cultists. Clear that, and the sub-mission to find him, feed him a fish and he’s all yours. He’ll then follow you around, attacking anything you target and giving you big licks when you scratch his ears.  


  • He’s a bear
  • He’ll destroy anything you point him at
  • Did we mention he’s a bear? 


  • None. There are no cons. 

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