“God’s plan, let’s get it” – The best moments from Drake & Ninja’s Fortnite Battle Royale stream

To the detractors who thought Fortnite Battle Royale had peaked after that time Chance the Rapper tweeted about it, Drake has something to say to you. Yes, the Drake, the Canadian Grammy Award winning musician responsible for countless chart-toppers and a number of popular memes, appeared on Twitch streamer Ninja‘s channel to play Fortnite yesterday, alongside some cameo appearances from Travis Scott, internet mogul Kim Dotcom, and American football player JuJu Smith-Schuster.

The stream quickly broke new records, racking up over 600,000 concurrent viewers, which sets the record for the largest concurrent viewership of all time on Twitch, not to mention the biggest audience ever for a non-competitive stream. Drake himself is apparently a big Fortnite player, and regularly jumps in or watches Ninja, now the most popular streamer on Twitch following the snowballing success of Battle Royale, when he has downtime in the studio.

What’s more, the guy isn’t half bad. He already has the John Wick skin, meaning he’s accumulated a sizeable wad of experience in Season 3 of the free-to-play shooter, and even saved Ninja’s life several times throughout the stream.

The internet went crazy for every second of the hour-long stream, which featured several mind-blowing moments that I’ve highlighted for you below. You can watch the entire thing here if you like, but if you’re short on time, this is the best way to get a feel of how the momentous occasion went down.

Drake talks about his Fortnite fandom

Well, @Ninja and @Drake are best friends now. pic.twitter.com/tsT54ab753March 15, 2018

Drake quotes his own song while reviving Travis Scott

*Drake revives TravisTravis: “God’s Plan, Let’s Get It!”*Travis builds best base of 2018, then takes shotgun to face pic.twitter.com/LlVDHygVseMarch 15, 2018

Ninja secures the Victory Royale

That’s 2. ✌️@Drake @Ninja pic.twitter.com/VPhN8xtACrMarch 15, 2018

Travis Scott makes it rain after scoring a kill

i cannot fucking handle travis scott just throwing cash in fortnite after a kill and going “cash” pic.twitter.com/7S6kfcuMZ7March 15, 2018

Kim Dotcom has a slurp for Drake

“I never thought I would say this, but, Drake I have a Slurp for you” @StoolGametime pic.twitter.com/U1MjQH7gv5March 15, 2018

Drake reveals his thoughts on pineapple pizza

Drake enjoys pineapple pizza pic.twitter.com/GCzWwjR89GMarch 15, 2018

Ninja saves Drake’s life

“Drake Noooo” 🤣so clutch. pic.twitter.com/BKDgBHGo4GMarch 15, 2018

Travis Scott refers to bandages as “band aids”

here we have Drake shooting someone across the map with a pistol and Travis asking Juju for “band aids” while Ninja laughs at him. pic.twitter.com/CC7As3rwNrMarch 15, 2018

I imagine Epic Games must be collectively jumping for joy right now, as is Twitch, who were clearly in on the entire thing, though it’s unclear whether this event was set-up as a casual play session between mutual admirers, or some sort of marketing stunt for the platform. 

Where does Fortnite Battle Royale go from here? It’s hard to say, but if you ever see someone called TheBoyDuddus playing on PlayStation 4, you’ll now know exactly who that is…

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