“Probably the best Walking Dead episode of them all” – Here’s how the internet reacted to Rick’s goodbye in The Walking Dead season 9

Welp. That was that. We knew it was coming but, even then, we weren’t prepared for Rick’s final episode in The Walking Dead season 9. There were plenty of shocks along the way which means, yes, there are spoilers aplenty down below for The Walking Dead season 9, episode 5. Everything from familiar faces coming back to a couple of big goodbyes (and, yep, that helicopter) is about to be covered. The internet had… mixed feelings. And lots and lots of emotions.

We say goodbye to Rick

After 8 years and 120 episodes, The Walking Dead is done with Rick Grimes. For now. Because, of course, he didn’t die. There were a couple of cool fakeouts but, ultimately, Andrew Lincoln’s character lives to see another day. Not that it didn’t make us all ugly cry, though. Far from it…

Okay, so episode 5 of #TheWalkingDead’s season 9 is hands-down the best in ages and it totally restored my faith in the show. I can’t contain my emotions argh… @WalkingDead_AMC @wwwbigbaldhead. Thank you for everything, Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus and everyone in the cast. pic.twitter.com/JeCFZryDo65 November 2018

Wow. That was probably the best #TheWalkingDead episode of them all. Every single scene was near perfect.5 November 2018

The Walking Dead writers completely bottled it and lost their balls. They just couldn’t kill him off and leave a legacy of Rick Grimes could they. Utter Red Herring #TheWalkingDead5 November 2018

So I heard they had Rick Grimes removed off #TWD to make movies about him? Hence the Jadis and helicopter scene?Dude I’m glad I’ve stopped watching this show.5 November 2018

Get to the chopper

Like so many people predicted, Jadis/Anna was there to save the day with her helicopter ex machina. She somehow pulled Rick out of his predicament and is accompanying him to some place far away. It’s a bit too convenient – and you’ll give yourself a headache if you think about it too much – but at least it keeps the plot moving while Rick is off doing his own thing.

*Helicopter shows up*Everybody:#TheWalkingDead pic.twitter.com/H7EjFrqZBo5 November 2018

#TheWalkingDead Hey did you think Glenn’s fake death under the dumpster was a shitty way to manipulate viewers?? Wait until you see a helicopter do a medical evacuation during the zombie apocalypse.5 November 2018

Okay so let me get this straight we thought for months that rick would be killed off and instead rick is alive in a helicopter with jadis going somewhere AMC I’m changing our relationship to it’s complicated #TheWalkingDead pic.twitter.com/OJQyvTZ9vJ5 November 2018

#TheWalkingDeadNo One Is Safe….except the ones who get helicopter rides pic.twitter.com/5IKrdDlSql5 November 2018

More than a few returning faces

Hershel! Shane! Sasha! Sure, a few of the old guard were notably absent (where was Carl and Lori?!) but these fleeting moments were high points in an episode filled with them. It was especially heartbreaking to see Rick say farewell to Hershel after actor Scott Wilson sadly passed away in October.

I LITERALLY CRIED WHEN I SAW SHANE. MY TWO FAVORITES TOGETHER AGAIN. #TheWalkingDead pic.twitter.com/jrpoP5qxyW5 November 2018

Maybe their scheduling didn’t allow for it but why would Rick have seen Sasha and Hershel instead of Lori and Carl… #TheWalkingDead5 November 2018

Seeing Jon Bernthal return as Shane was the best thing about #TheWalkingDead tonight. Hershel? Lame.Sasha? Meh.The “final episode” wasn’t Rick’s death? So predictable.No Carl or Lori ghosts? WTFAt least the upcoming episodes seem promising with a chance to shake things up!5 November 2018

Lessons we’ve learned about the Rickception of Rick Grimes: Shane was his courage. Hershel was his heart. Sasha was his wisdom. Michonne was his home. ❤️#TheWalkingDead pic.twitter.com/0Mjd6YHG3T5 November 2018

Lessons we’ve learned about the Rickception of Rick Grimes: Shane was his courage. Hershel was his heart. Sasha was his wisdom. Michonne was his home. ❤️#TheWalkingDead pic.twitter.com/0Mjd6YHG3T5 November 2018

But, wait, Maggie’s gone too?!

It’s been swept under the rug a little, but Lauren Cohan isn’t returning as Maggie for the entirety of The Walking Dead season 9 – and possibly beyond that. Still, while she didn’t get an obvious sendoff, Maggie’s electric scene with Negan was about as good as the show gets, so she’ll always have that.

So Maggie got literally no goodbye episode or even a goodbye moment. She’s just not gonna be around anymore. Indefinitely. #TheWalkingDead pic.twitter.com/MeF9fXCQsf5 November 2018

My question is will we get to tell Maggie/@LaurenCohan goodbye? I mean my guess is that we will but when I read that this episode was her last I was totally blindsided.What about Herschel?! #TheWalkingDead pic.twitter.com/he6Y2XQVtK5 November 2018

Well that scene with Negan and Maggie did way more to sell me on the “Negan can’t die” argument than Rick’s stupid unity philosophy which has literally never worked in the history of the show. #TheWalkingDead5 November 2018


Time to move forward

And then there’s the time jump. Phew. This was the episode you chose to last 44 minutes, AMC? Judith looks like a badass and, in fact, so does everyone else. And it sets up the show nicely for a Rick-less future. What’s next?

I’m sooooo excited for what is coming to #TheWalkingDead.Whisperers, time jump, Michonne as the leader, and that BADASS JUDITH. JUDITH GRIMES. pic.twitter.com/Hn7Nk5vJv65 November 2018

I love Michonne’s new look after the time jump! #TheWalkingDead pic.twitter.com/GjxfxKRl2R5 November 2018

Wait so there’s a time jump?! So I guess the producers want me to have a brain aneurysm tonight huh #TheWalkingDead pic.twitter.com/rmrlSb56kF5 November 2018

Don’t be sad, there’s still plenty to look forward to. There’s a whole bunch of new TV shows to keep tabs on, for one thing.

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