Anthem shows off a sleek new Mass Effect armor look for the Interceptor suit

Anthem is the first all-new franchise that BioWare’s brought from concept to full game in more than a decade… but heck, it still isn’t gonna stop you from dressing up like Commander Shepard if you want. To commemorate BioWare’s made-up (but still rather sweet) November 7 “N7 Day” celebrations, Anthem lead producer Michael Gamble shared an image of an Interceptor-class Javelin rocking the good old red-and-white stripe.

They celebrate #N7day in Fort Tarsis too! 7, 2018

We already knew you’d be able to customize your robo-suits with a range of color schemes and decals, and this proves that goes much deeper than palette swaps; the high-tech carbon fiber textures evoke that hard-ish sci-fi Mass Effect aesthetic in a fondly familiar way. BioWare had actually shared a brief glimpse at a Ranger suit with an N7 look during E3, but this new image seems to confirm an equally important detail: you’ll be able to cosplay as Shepard no matter which suit you’re rocking.

Anthem shows off a sleek new Mass Effect armor look for the Interceptor suit

Granted, we haven’t actually seen the Colossus and Storm suits in N7 regalia yet, but it would be super unfair to deprive those two while the others have their fun. And though Mass Effect fans may have some mixed feelings about Anthem’s status as the hot new sci-fi property at BioWare, Darrah confirmed that the studio does plan to return to Mass Effect… eventually. At some point. In some form.

Happy #N7Day to everyone! I love this IP deeply, and we’ve grown together over the years as fans and developers in it. We still have stories left to tell in this universe…the future is bright.November 7, 2018

Gamble added that the studio has sent out a surprise Xbox One X update for Mass Effect: Andromeda, letting the 4K-focused console enjoy the same visual improvements as PS4 Pro. So this year’s N7 Day wasn’t all nods to Mass Effect from other games.

Find out more about how each suit works as Anthem’s game director breaks down what all four Javelins are about.

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