New Game of Thrones season 8 images have been released – and they tease a big alliance shift for Jaime Lannister

No, we still haven’t got a trailer. Still, HBO has seen fit to drop a few new Game of Thrones season 8 images into our laps. Not only do they highlight all of the key players we need to keep a beady eye on during the final six episodes, but one in particular reveals a chin-scratching change of sides for a certain Jaime Lannister…

We’ll get to the rest of the photos from the Game of Thrones Twitter account in a minute – of which there are LOADS – but, first: Jaime Lannister. Here he is, having ridden away from King’s Landing (and Cersei) during the final episode of Game of Thrones season 7:

Kingslayer. #GameofThrones February 2019

Notice anything? His armour is looking a little shabby, sure, but it also might hint at something even more than a man who doesn’t know how to wash his chainmail. The get-up looks suspiciously like a Northern, or even a Stark, set of armour. Take a look for yourself, and note the studded area around the collar bone.

Is it just me or is Jaime’s armour very reminiscent of Robb Starks, particularly the breastplate & pauldrons. And I like how he’s no longer in lavish Lannister armour, he’s dressed for a real, gritty battle and I’m loving it! #GameOfThrones February 2019

Whether the Kingslayer has found himself in the embrace of Winterfell fighting against the Lannisters in a final battle for the Iron Throne or – more than likely – recruited against the White Walker cause up North remains to be seen, but it’s an interesting development nonetheless, and one we’ll probably be talking about until the premiere on April 14.

Unfortunately, those sorts of clues are very much MIA for the rest of the ensemble, but it’s nice to see some faces back after nearly two years (!) away from our screens. In order, we’ve got Dany and Jon Snow together (ick), Jon on his lonesome, Arya, Dany, and Cersei, all of whom will be the major players this year, almost certainly.

The Final Season.New Season 8 photos are here: #GameofThrones February 2019

The Final Season. #GameofThrones February 2019

Arya Stark of Winterfell. #GameofThrones February 2019

The Final Season. #GameofThrones February 2019

The Mother of Dragons. #GameofThrones February 2019

Then there’s Tyrion, Varys, Sam Tarly, the Three-Eyed Raven, Sansa, and Brienne, all staring off into the distance, plotting who-knows-what. Except Sam. He’s as cuddly and loveable as ever. This world wasn’t meant for you, Tarly.

Hand of the Queen. #GameofThrones February 2019

The Final Season. #GameofThrones February 2019

The Final Season. #GameofThrones February 2019

The Three-Eyed Raven. #GameofThrones February 2019

Lady of Winterfell. #GameofThrones February 2019

The Final Season. #GameofThrones February 2019

All of the players are in place, primed and waiting to backstab, betray, or be buried six feet under. Now, HBO: where’s that trailer?

Images: HBO

What’s in a piece of armour? You never know, it might get the rumour-mill running when it comes to the best Game of Thrones theories.

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