“He looks like a Snapchat filter” – Twitter is not impressed by Will Smith as Genie in the new Aladdin trailer

It’s not nice dunking on someone else’s work but, man, the people of Twitter have some strong reactions about one of the new Disney movies coming our way in 2019 as Will Smith turned up as the Genie in the new Aladdin trailer. Once a role made famous by Robin Williams in the Disney animated movie, the live-action remake has decided to forgo any sort of real digital wizardry in favour of a blue Will Smith with a dash of weird CGI thrown in for good measure. The result? An instant meme, and one that has generated a fair bit of feedback already.

So, here it is: the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to Will Smith’s genie in the live-action 2019 Aladdin remake. You might want to hide behind the sofa for this one because spoiler: Most of these aren’t kind.

He looks like…

As soon as the Aladdin trailer hit during last night’s Grammys then, inevitably, the comparisons came rolling in. Smurfs, Shrek, and even the Scorpion King are all frames of reference here. 

This looks like a blue version of Shrek. #Aladdin pic.twitter.com/7xCEg46WvS11 February 2019

pic.twitter.com/ld3Rpk7vph11 February 2019

Is Will Smith meant to be a Smurf or Panthro? pic.twitter.com/ovL2nujkXg11 February 2019


Most, though, took umbrage with the fact that the special effects look a little on the iffy side – which is especially surprising when considering that Disney is nearly always at the top of its game when it comes to CGI tech. 

Sure we can all rag on Will Smith but I wanna WHO on the special effects team is responsible for this. He looks like a shit snapchat filter pic.twitter.com/EHNPvMNOTD11 February 2019

Who’s responsible for these Walmart special effects 🤔11 February 2019

Every decade we are destined to get a bad CGI Will Smith and we just have to accept this. pic.twitter.com/voZ0kzUt5z11 February 2019

I think this is a actually a good side by side for how to do and NOT to do a CG character with an actor’s facial features applied. Thanos looks like he’s actually a living character in the movie, Genie looks like he just has Will Smith’s face copy-pasted on. https://t.co/caxTOVZonJ11 February 2019

It blue up on Twitter

As you’ll soon see, everyone was cracking jokes left, right, and centre on social media. A few even pointed out that it looks eerily reminiscent of Tobias Funke’s ill-fated attempts to join the Blue Man Group in Arrested Development.

Will smith as the genie looks good. pic.twitter.com/64BmTj60Gj11 February 2019

i wish i could mute an image i don’t want to see the blue will smith11 February 2019

Say what you want about Will Smith as Genie… But I think it’s cool that Disney is taking a chance giving that big of a role to a YouTuber.11 February 2019

Will Smith as #Aladdin’s genie makes me want to uninvent CGI. 😳 pic.twitter.com/OsPHFxZQck11 February 2019

Did *anyone* like it?

Hey, at least some folks are still feeling pretty positive! One first look does not a bad character make.

Can’t believe Will Smith is Genie! No Robin Williams but good choice! #Aladdin pic.twitter.com/NB4ilUsHhJ11 February 2019

i’m fine with will smith being a genie, even if they didn’t paint him blue it woulda been ok11 February 2019

Ok sorry Will Smith sorry I ever doubted you I love that #Aladdin trailer pic.twitter.com/QwlC0jeOZO11 February 2019

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