The Division 2 servers are going down on Thursday morning for “a small patch”

If you’re already playing The Division 2 you probably want to make the most of your early-access time with the game, so make sure you plan some meals or abstract theorycrafting or maybe even sleep for when The Division 2 servers go down on Thursday. Ubisoft said on The Division 2’s official forum that it will add “a small patch” to the game during the maintenance period with more detailed update notes to follow.

Update: Ubisoft has moved its planned maintenance up by half an hour, but the expected duration remains the same. Prepare for the servers to go offline starting at 1:00 am PDT / 4:00 am EDT / 8:00 am GMT and come back around 3 hours after that.

Heads up, Agents! Maintenance incoming tomorrow at 09:30 AM CET / 04:30 AM ET / 01:30 AM PT, approximately 3 hours. #TheDivision2>> 13, 2019

You never know if these planned maintenance sessions will turn into unplanned, extended outages. Early access to The Division 2 is one of the benefits of buying certain special editions and it’d be a big bummer for Ubisoft to bite into any more of that time than it’s already announced. Let’s all think happy thoughts and lend our spirit energy to the Ubisoft developers working late/early so that everything goes smoothly and the servers come back on schedule.

Ubisoft hasn’t detailed its plans for regular maintenance work on The Division 2 yet. Its predecessor has semi-weekly downtime that typically lasts anywhere from a half hour to three hours, so I’d expect something similar once The Division 2 gets into its post-release flow. Never fun to be kicked out of a game, but hey, better to bring it down for a little bit of work every now than to ride it until the wheels fall off.

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