Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 2 Release Date Confirmed

Life is Strange: Before the Storm‘s first episode launched in August to a positive reception, and now the second installment is almost here. Episode 2 – Brave New World launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19.

Episode 2 is the second segment of the three-part prequel to the original Life is Strange. It focuses once again on Chloe Price and her growing relationship with Rachel. Take a look at some of the characters and locations you’ll encounter in the trailer above.

We enjoyed the first episode, with critic Justin Clark awarding it an 8/10. “Despite using the same graphical engine, the same gameplay elements, and some shared, familiar locations, the experience of inhabiting Chloe in Before the Storm is a completely new experience,” he said. “Episode 1 promises a series that uses love and empathy as a sword and shield, the only way to either stay safe or strike back at a harsh life, harsher still by nature of being a teenager. That’s a special ability we are so seldom asked to employ in games and it’s so heartening to know there’s at least two more episodes of Before the Storm where we get to do it again.” Read more in our full Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode 1 review.

For more on the prequel trilogy, check out our interview with the developer, Deck Nine, on why Life is Strange: Before the Storm is only three episodes and which game you should play first.

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