How to stream Love Island online: watch it now

Why stream Love Island online? Well, year after year, enormous crowds gather round the telly to watch literal other human beings talk on a beach. But despite what it can be boiled down to, it’s incredibly popular so you need to know how to watch Love Island, especially if you’re in the US. In its fifth series (Five. Series.) now there seems to be no stopping it as hoovers up audiences once again this summer as a nightly must-watch in homes up and down the UK. And just to make sure those viewers are well catered for, we’re here with this page to show you how to watch Love Island online – from wherever you are. So you get your hit of living vicariously through other humans speaking purely high-brow conversation on a beach somewhere.

Whether you’re a long-term fan looking to ensure you don’t miss a thing, or a first time watcher looking to give it a chance this summer (good luck, intrepid warrior), this page will have you covered. From will-they-won’t-they pairings, to cheesy character intros and chat-up lines, we’ll show you how to get all that – and more! You lucky devils. 

First things first: it airs at 9pm BST on ITV2 (or 10pm on ITV2+1), Monday to Friday and, putting it very simply, our UK readers can watch ITV TV no worries through a standard channel arrangement. However, if you prefer to watch it online you can head to the ITV website , or get it on your mobile devices with the ITV Hub app which you can download here for Android and here for Apple devices.

How to watch Love Island from anywhere via a VPN

An effective method to stream the program that may not be on your current radar is the use of VPNs. These enable you to watch Love Island from wherever you are in the world. If you’ve gone on vacation or summer holidays, or are away for business, these handy systems will allow you to access streaming services no matter your geographical location. We’ve got a handful of favourite VPNs:

ExpressVPN (comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee)  is our favourite VPN for accessing TV and film, and it’s the often ranked number one in the world generally. This is because its speedy, reliable and secure and compatible with loads of devices. They have a current offer of an extra 3 months for free at the moment, too.

IPVanish supports an enormous number of devices so is great for watching on the go, while its security aspect will keep you safe.

NordVPN is an affordable option and also includes SmartPlay tech.

A VPN is perfect if you’re on holiday, abroad and need to get your Love island fix. However, they will also allow you to access other accounts like Netflix and Hulu  while away so can very much pay for themselves and be extremely convenient.

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How to stream Love Island online: watch it now

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