No Man’s Sky Beyond patch notes: Gameplay, visual, and quality of life upgrades to look out for

The No Man’s Sky Beyond update is the stuff of legend, offering new features like all-encompassing VR support, a shiny new social system, and tameable, rideable aliens in what can only be described as “No Man’s Sky 2 in all but name.” Three years after the action-adventure survival game released, we can enjoy it an entirely new way, guaranteeing it’ll stay in our minds and on our platforms far into the future. 

But beyond the well-known and oft-advertised features offered in this sprawling update are a metric space ton of quality-of-life tweaks and other adjustments that should make even the most simple interactions and experiences better. The addition of NPCs means the massive universe will feel more populated, construction and terrain manipulation is easier to control, you can meet up with other explorers in the new Space Anomaly and compare cockpit sizes, and you can finally sit in chairs.

Getting through the entirety of the patch notes is about as likely as reaching the edge of the galaxy in this procedurally-generated mammoth, but here are just some of the gameplay, visual, and quality-of-life updates dropping with Beyond:

  • Inventory slot capacity has increased from 250 to 1000 
  • Starship cockpits have been entirely remodeled 
  • Learning an alien language has been overhauled, letting players choose what word categories to learn 
  • Completely reworked Base Building Menu with better visual clarity and usability 
  • Faster and more convenient building thanks to adjustments to the base part snapping system
  • Players can now create Phish-quality light and sound displays with teleporters and sphere generators 
  • Bases can now be powered by solar energy or fueled biogenerators
  • Technology can be moved after it’s installed
  • Better UI for comparing and purchasing ships
  • Revamped Analysis Visor, allowing players to push a button to scan flora and fauna as opposed to automatic scanning
  • Butterflies are easier to scan now, guys
  • Missions now supply hints by indicating the mission relevant items in both the build and crafting menus 
  • Harvest milk, eggs, or “edible clusters” (yuck) from animals that you tame
  • Use those harvested food items to create more than 300 recipes, which can be consumed to boost your Exosuit or brought to the Space Anomaly hub and presented for critique like space Hell’s Kitchen
  • Completely overhauled Galaxy Map for better clarity and cleaner visual style 

And that, ladies, gentlemen, and giant, rideable cobras, is only scratching the surface. The Patch Notes are as vast and awe-inspiring as the Beyond update itself, guaranteeing hours of entertainment – in the game, not from reading the patch notes.

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