Gears 5 gives out in-game rewards to make up for early access troubles

Gears 5 is officially out after an early access period that was periodically plagued by inaccessible servers, and the developers at The Coalition are rewarding players for their patience with some in-game goodies. The game’s official Twitter feed shared the details on the reward for early access players, which started rolling out late last night.

As a token of our appreciation for your patience and support during this weekend’s Early Access, we’re awarding 5 days of Boost (Faster progression) and 600 scrap (Craft Skills or Supply cards). Look out for it in the next 48 hours.Thank you so much playing Gears 5!September 10, 2019

The reward is five days of Boost and 600 Scrap. Boost gives you faster progression throughout all multiplayer modes, including double competitive, Horde, and Escape character XP as well as double Supply Drop progression. Scrap is that stuff you usually earn from getting a repeat cosmetic item in a Supply Drop, and you can use it to pick up an item of your choice from the cosmetic Supply list. For instance, 600 Scrap would be enough to snag six of those LGBTQ+ banners from the store and rock your identity/allyship while chainsawing fools.

While actually playing Gears 5 has been the cover-seeking, gore-spraying experience players expect, getting to that part has been difficult throughout the early access period. Gears 5 error code Estana has popped up when players try to access the single player mode, and downtime for Xbox Live itself over the weekend kept some from making the most of their early access time. It’s nice of The Coalition to offer some rewards to smooth things over, the best make-good will be to ensure all these problems stay locked down now that the game’s out for everybody

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