Gears 5 gets a patch to fix “stability issues and network performance”

Gears 5 has its first update, and fans who have spotted the patch are curious as to what mysteries it contains. The short answer? Not much. Developer The Coalition hasn’t released any patch notes, but a tweet from the studio makes it sound as if this is more of a quick tweak of back-office business rather than anything that’s going to affect your battles against the Swarm.

#Gears5 Title Update Release – Sept 12We have released a small Update (~300MB) to address a number of stability issues and improve network performance in 3 player co-op.The Update is now available – you may need to restart your device to initiate the download.September 12, 2019

Gears 5 was released for all players on September 10, and introduced a new chapter in the story and lots of new modes to check out. Unfortunately, it also suffered from the curse of launch day issues that afflict so many modern games, with players getting an Error Code 0x80004001 and experiencing server issues. As a result, The Coalition decided to gift players five days of Boost and 600 Scrap by way of an apology.  

As a token of our appreciation for your patience and support during this weekend’s Early Access, we’re awarding 5 days of Boost (Faster progression) and 600 scrap (Craft Skills or Supply cards). Look out for it in the next 48 hours.Thank you so much playing Gears 5!September 10, 2019

But push through the teething troubles and, at least according to our reviewer, you’ll be handsomely rewarded. 

“Despite its overtures towards evolution, Gears 5 persists in the tradition of its predecessors: filling arenas and corridors with gunfight after thrilling, hectic gunfight,” they said. “I was convinced Gears of War needed to change drastically or risk obsolescence. But the Coalition has found a different way forward, using new mechanics to polish the old, making the whole game shine.”

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