Borderlands 3 patch notes: Hotfix reduces Mayhem Mode loot as Gearbox works on a performance update

The Borderlands 3 patch notes are here, sort of. While we’re still waiting for the first proper update for Borderlands 3 from Gearbox, the developer has sent out a hotfix to correct some bugs and make balance changes. Let’s get this out of the way first: it doesn’t correct the Borderlands 3 performance issues that are making the game run worse than it should on PC and consoles. Gearbox says it’s aware of those problems, and it’s even set up some troubleshooting steps to follow while it works on a bigger update to address them at the source.

Unlike a regular update, Borderlands 3 hotfixes are downloaded and delivered through the game itself while you’re at the main menu, and they only stick around until you exit the game. You can check to see if you have the hotfix applied by seeing if your in-game menu screen says “updates are available”. They aren’t a permanent solution – that’s what full updates are for.

Here are the full Borderlands 3 patch notes for the latest hotfix straight from Gearbox. We’ll keep this page updated with more, y’know, updates as they arrive.

Borderlands 3 patch notes for September 19 hotfix


  • Yellow paint has been added to Ambermire to mark a more obvious path to complete the Sabotage Crew Challenge.
  • The New-U Station in front of the Halcyon Suborbital Spaceport (used during the “Space-Laser Tag” Mission) in the Meridian Metroplex now has a larger activation range.
  • The New-U Station in front of Titian’s Gate (used during the “Atlas, At Last” Mission) in the Meridian Metroplex now has a larger activation range.
  • The first Guardian a player runs into during the “Beneath the Meridian” mission is no longer over-leveled.
  • The Eridian chest by the Grotto in the Jakob’s Estate is no longer invisible.


  • Eridium crystals in Voracious Canopy grow less frequently.
  • Scaled down the amount of loot drops in Mayhem Mode.
  • Torgue shotgun sticky damage has been reduced.
  • Reduced E-Tech shotgun elemental damage from “flesh off your bones” to “a lot”.
  • Chupacabratch dropped too much of his hard-earned loot.
  • Adjusted spawn rate of Loot Tinks in Mansion. They’re special again. [Editor’s note: Kiss that sweet Borderlands 3 loot farm goodbye]
  • Removed pain-sounds from Troy for his boss fight.

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