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8 things to watch out for this week

1. Sam Barlow, of Her Story fame, is removing the barrier to interactive storytelling with #WarGames Unfortunately, it’s pretty rare that mobile games – despite their innovation and ingenious use of platform – get the critical recognition they deserve. But, with Her Story, creator Sam Barlow pushed into mainstream consciousness, and took home a sweep of BAFTAs and other awards….

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How Thanos might kill [SPOILER], Thor’s new weapon, and 5 other things from the Avengers: Infinity War reveal

Avengers: Infinity War is oh-so-nearly here and, so far, Marvel has done a pretty good job of keeping the major moments under wraps. Until now. Entertainment Weekly has pulled back the curtain on Marvel’s endgame – and what’s behind it will entertain, infuriate, and have you worried about the fate of more than one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes… It goes…

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