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We Happy Few dev on why the game changed from a survival sandbox to action-adventure

When it debuted in early 2015, We Happy Few’s ’60s-inspired, psychedelic artstyle and dystopian setting reminded many of BioShock – which did pretty much the same thing by combining a ’50s aesthetic with sci-fi horror. To many players’ dismay, the gameplay wasn’t BioShock-y at all; instead of a linear story, We Happy Few was a survival sandbox. But now, that’s…

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Dead Island 2 is still in the works, and Deep Silver has released a mobile spin-off to keep you waiting

Of all the conspicuous absences from the list of E3 2018 games seen at this year’s expo, Dead Island 2 was the least surprising no-show. The game’s been caught up in its own development apocalypse ever since it was announced in 2014, after switching developers and getting delayed several times, before being put on promotional lockdown by publisher Deep Silver,…

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The best Fortnite Playground mode creations we’ve seen so far

Now the Fortnite playground mode appears to be stable and not going anywhere people are starting to build amazing things. From huge constructions to other games and dangerous bounce pad courses and glider death traps. Take a look with as we check out some of the best Fortnite Playground mode creations we’ve seen so far. Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges Fortnite…

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