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Here’s an amazing detail about Electra Stormsurge, and other info on The Boomsday Project from the Hearthstone designers

I can’t wait to be blown up, zapped, and treated like a laboratory guinea pig when Hearthstone debuts its next expansion, The Boomsday Project, on August 7. This 135-card set is full of weird science, all overseen by the infamous Dr. Boom and his crack team of researchers. It also features the first-ever Legendary spells, which promise some absurd effects…

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Destiny 2 players have uncovered a strange new secret level

Destiny 2 players are busy preparing their hearts, minds, and inventories for the Forsaken expansion in September, but now a few players have stumbled up on a secret mission that rewards them with a revamped version of the Black Spindle Exotic sniper, called Whisper of the Worm. Just got Black Spindle! Video up in around 25minutes. 20, 2018 To…

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