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Captain America and his team are ready for battle in this exclusive Avengers: Infinity War image

The title pretty much gives it away, but Avengers: Infinity War promises to be nothing less than a full-on war epic, superhero-style, with Lord of the Rings-esque battles between Thanos’ army and every familiar face in the MCU. But every good battle needs a tense, eerie standoff before the punching begins, as both sides glare across the battlefield with steely-eyed…

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8 things to watch out for this week

1. International Women’s Day is the best excuse to celebrate strong female characters in movies, TV and games  You definitely don’t need an excuse to celebrate strong female characters across all of entertainment, but on International Women’s Day, it feels like the perfect opportunity to give them all a little extra love and support. Whether it’s heading back into The…

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Minus 10 social credits! 600 million gamers face punishment for their hobby as life imitates a Black Mirror episode

Chinese gamers face direct ‘social penalties’, such as lack of access to Visa schemes and dating sites, as part of an upcoming surveillance program which rates citizens based on their economic and social behaviour. The Black Mirror style trial scheme discourages certain types of behaviour and can even penalise people for buying video games. The idea of ‘Social Credit’ isn’t…

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