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Minus 10 social credits! 600 million gamers face punishment for their hobby as life imitates a Black Mirror episode

Chinese gamers face direct ‘social penalties’, such as lack of access to Visa schemes and dating sites, as part of an upcoming surveillance program which rates citizens based on their economic and social behaviour. The Black Mirror style trial scheme discourages certain types of behaviour and can even penalise people for buying video games. The idea of ‘Social Credit’ isn’t…

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Daily NewsRadar: Kingdom Come: Deliverance rap, the return of The Legend of Spyro, the Stranger Things 3 latest, and more

We’re signing off for the weekend, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to leave you alone with random news just nipping at your ankles. We’ve sifted through the madness to find you the top tidbits of the day.  Bohemian Rhapsody Nothing screams medieval Bohemia like some hot rap beats, so Dan Bull has crafted a musical tribute to the hardcore…

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